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With very few exceptions, ADVAMET® feedstock can be produced from any available metal, ceramic, or cermet powder. Ceramic and cermet powders are usually supplied by our customers. Metal powders may also be customer supplied. While it is not necessary to share the exact composition with Advanced Metalworking, Material Safety Data Sheets are required for any customer-supplied powder. A special mixer employed for ceramics permits us to work with quantities as low as 5 lbs. For metals the minimum feedstock order is the volume equivalent of 25 lbs of ferrous based feedstock (e.g. 40 lbs of tungsten heavy alloy), but there may also be a minimum powder purchase. Production is handled in increments of 25 lbs, 375 lbs, 550 lbs, and 1700 lbs (ferrous materials) to match our batch mixer sizes.
Unit of Measure


Particle Size

N/A (Depending upon availability) To your specification

Particle Type

N/A To your specification Pre-alloyed gas atomized master alloy and non-reduced carbonyl iron powders Pre-alloyed gas atomized master alloy and reduced carbonyl iron powders Pre-alloyed gas atomized powder Pre-alloyed irregular water atomized powder Pre-alloyed rounded water atomized powder

Binder Content

N/A (Two decimal places) To your specification

Pre-Alloyed Metal Powders

Austenitic Stainless Steels

N/A 304L 310S 316L

Ferritic Stainless Steels

N/A 430 434

Martensitic Stainless Steels

N/A 410 420 440B 440C

Precipitation Hardening Stainless Steels

N/A 15-5PH 17-4PH 17-7PH

Special Stainless Steels

N/A 329 418 430L

Low Alloy Steels

N/A 4140 4340 4365 8620 SCM415

Tool Steels & High Speed Steels

N/A D2 H13 M2 S2 T15

Binary Alloys

N/A Fe-Co Fe-Cr Fe-Ni Fe-Si Ni-Cr Ni-Cu