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We are the exclusive manufacturer and supplier of our proprietary ADVAMET® stainless steel feedstock for metal injection molding. We offer both pre-alloyed stainless steel feedstock and the widest choice in custom blended stainless steel feedstock. We will work with you to tailor the particle size, binder content, metal composition and powder type to suit your needs.

Our ADVAMET® feedstock shows excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility. We thoroughly check the viscosity and density of our feedstock with state-of-the-art equipment. We can meet a lot-to-lot tolerance of ±0.05g/cm³ and our variation within a feedstock lot is significantly less. Such consistent metal loading is essential for dimensional precision on a high volume production basis.

Not only will our feedstock help you produce high quality metal injection molded parts, it will also save your organization money. By allowing us to supply your feedstock, you can eliminate the cost of storage, raw materials, personnel, feedstock quality assurance and specialized equipment. In addition, runners and as-molded (green) scrap can be readily recycled many times, an important factor for cost-effective production of high quality small, complex MIM parts.

We can and do produce ADVAMET® stainless steel feedstock from a wide variety of pre-alloyed and blended powders with a wide variety of binder contents, but for customer convenience (especially new customers), we have established four (4) stock grades of 17-4PH SS feedstock. It is our intent to maintain inventories so that quantities up to 200 lbs of each will be available for immediate shipment. These grades are described in the table below. We also maintain powder inventories of 316L, 17-4PH, and other metals (e.g. 420 SS from blended powders), allowing a quick response when converting these to custom ADVAMET® feedstock.

Customizable Composition
Each of our feedstock batches is, of course, ready to mold and process into parts, but we understand that some fabricators may prefer something a little different with regard to binder content and/or feedstock properties. For a nominal fee, we will blend any combination of these products in any proportion.

For example, combining 75% MIM-17-4PH-P6 (Premium 6.0%) with 25% MIM-17-4PH-P7 (Premium 7.0%) will result in Premium grade ADVAMET® 17-4PH SS feedstock with 6.25% binder. Putting 50% MIM-17-4PH-P7 (Premium 7.0%) with 50% MIM-17-4PH-S7 (Standard 7.0%) will retain the 7.0% binder and will combine improved green strength of water atomized powder (Standard) with the excellent moldability and sinterability of gas atomized powder (Premium).

Individually or in any combination, proper processing of these ADVAMET® MIM-17-4PH SS feedstocks will provide sintered parts conforming to MPIF Standard 35 Specification MIM-17-4PH.
Unit of Measure

Particle Size

N/A d90<22µ

Particle Type

N/A Spherical gas atomized powder

Binder Content

N/A 6.00%

Metal Composition

N/A Alloy 17-4 PH SS
Viscosity1 N/A 18,000 poise


N/A 5.27 g/cm³
  • 1 Poise @ 175ºC